6 February 2010

Aerial Slush and Snow Chic

Slush Puppy
Red gloves add a graphic touch.
Just Another Day on the Bike Lanes
Sitting upright, like his mother taught him, even in the snow and a headwind approaching 10 metres per second.
Steady On


A Good Moroccan said...

Great images.

blessingsgoddess said...

You can't beat red with white.....and great bikes.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the inspiration:


antonis liokouras said...

Beautiful photos.
I love bikes, I love Copenhagen and this is a beautiful combination.
Thank you for your beautiful blog

Cycles-for-Fun said...

Geez, Anon. How is your comment even remotely appropriate to this blog?

rchllpr said...

Oh, how brave these people are to face the snow on wheels!

Rooster Shamblin said...

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Another André said...

Looks like Rooster mixed up chic and chicks. :)

Frederick said...

Like your blog and theme...good B&W photos