9 January 2010

Headed for Spring

Headed For Spring
Spring is just around the corner. Sort of.


Adrienne Johnson said...

maybe she can taste it in the snow?

word verification- "unite"

We will unite in our denial of just how friggin' cold it really is! : )

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site. As a pedestrian and habitually jaywalking Copenhagener, I've always hated these hellish devices and their masters with a vengeance, and thought bicycling an extraordinarily undignified mode of transport. It seems I'll have to look at them with fresh eyes.

Anonymous said...

Read about your site in Weekendavisen, by the way. Congratulations with your copycats, it's the most sincere form of flattery.

Colville-Andersen said...

i'd be more concerned about the four-wheeled hellish devices, but that's just me... :-)

i have yet to read the Weekendavisen article. getting it today. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a good article. It made me come here and have a look. Nice site!

coach hire said...

Great Website, a loads of informative content, and wonderful photos....How does she ride in this freaking cold? :@

Anonymous said...

Whatever. At least the cars stop for red light.

I've been spending the Saturday perusing back issues, and you, sir, are an artist. The bird view picture of the girl walking her bike across a smudged zebra crossing is (like many others) Magnum material, and no mistake. Also, your portfolio includes some of the hottest pictures I've yet seen, and that says a lot.

Reading the comments, I'll wager you draw more tourists to Copenhagen than the combined efforts of Wonderful Copenhagen and the Ministry of... uh, whatever ministry is currently in charge of foreign propaganda.

I've travelled a great deal, and I never really thought that Copenhagen biking was a 'culture' - which I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear - rather than, well, lots of people biking in the same place.

Up until now, when I've been coming home from abroad, I've merely noted with a sigh of satisfaction that I'm back in the capitol of beauty. (I've never been to Tromsö)

But much as I hate bikes myself, I realised, reading the comments, that you are doing some really good work, you are actually changing peoples minds, inspiring them, which is more than most newspapers or television stations manage to do.

Now, here's the drizzle on your gorgeous parade, sorry: PLENTY of Copenhagen bikers choose speed over grace; I did that myself in my biking days, a real terror I suppose I was. To a pedestrian waiting at a T-intersection, you learn very quickly that most cyclists only adhere to the traffic rules if it's to avoid being hit by a truck. At T-intersections, i.e. where the cyclist don't have to worry about crossing motorvehicles, they simply ignore the light, and you'll just have to wait for a hole in the river bikes before you can cross.

And also: you are making Copenhagen looking incredibly beautiful and sexy, while it's acutally a murky hellhole from mid-October to late April - don't you dare deny it. Biking in a snowstorm is NOT fun, it's something you do because that's what you do to get to work.

And I see a lot more lycra, helmets and speed bikes in Copenhagen when I perambulate than you seem to. Okay, that's not a real criticism, you have found a theme that amazingly seems inexhaustible, but still: speed demons are part of Copenhagen biking too.

Now, what I would like to see on your blog, is a series of (chic, female) people that don't use the handlebars, leaning relaxedly back in the ultimate cool cycling pose. I'm sure they would be a great inspiration to your security conscious overseas guests.

Kind regards
Erik (Bike-hater)

Erik Sandblom said...

Erik, I agree that Mikael really takes nice bicycle pictures.

But: cycling in a snowstorm is a lot of fun, at least if there is snow on the ground. It makes everything very nice and quiet and magical.

And my impression of Copenhagen bicyclists is that they generally choose speed AND grace. They mostly stop at the lights and go pretty fast between the lights.

Erik Sandblom said...

And Lars and the others take nice pictures too!

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I love her spirit!!!