21 December 2009

Urban Motion and Mobility

Snowpenhagen Lift
Alas, the Theatre of Dreams that was the Copenhagen Climate Conference ended up being the Arena of Apathy. All that build up and hype, all that unprecedented participation by world leaders, all that hope and expectation... hmm.
Snowpenhagen Glance
Where does that leave us? Us right here and us out there? On our bicycles. Muscling our way through a snowstorm, gliding through the summer light. On our bicycles. Cycling is part of the global solution. A tripling of cycling in Europe, at the expense of individual motorized trips, would eliminate 5% of C02 transport emissions.
Snowpenhagen Launch
While we need municipal politicians to invest in infrastructure, it all starts with the individual. All you need is a bicycle. We are all two-wheeled, human-powered monuments of hope and action.


gantxe said...

I am completely agree with you. Revolution starts by one itself and then more people does the same, and in our case the action is very simple, just ride our bikes !

Get Info Here said...

Wow! It's raining there but they are still cycling. As what I've known, cyclist run for a shed when there's a rain.

Colville-Andersen said...

that's snow, not rain.
80% of copenhageners continue to cycle throughout the winter. rain, snow or shine.

Ricardo Ferreira said...

And I really admire that. This sunday morning, we had a terrible and unusual cold day around here (near Lisbon, Portugal). By 8:30, I was chilled by a 0┬║ temperature and a freezing wind but a beautiful sunshine and blue sky.
We're just not used to that and, although I didn't feel the need to wear pants, my hands asked for gloves and my feet were numb after the first kms (even in wind stopper socks).
You guys really now how to cope with bad weather!
Thanks for the pics

Anonymous said...

Love the bike and am in admiration of people who bike in all kinds of weather.

LMT said...

Amen! I so wish NYC was as bicycle friendly as European countries we know. For now, I am doing my best to ride my fair share.

Adrienne Johnson said...

You can't change the world. You can only change yourself. If you do it right, others will follow and that is what changes the world.

Ride on!!

Anneke said...

Too bad the "I won't do anything if you don't do anything, so we both end up doing nothing cause that's what makes the profit" mentality is so pervasive. As long as world leaders negotiate it won't work. I believe Albert Tucker called this the prisoners dilemma.

As long as we keep cycling we could save the world one bike at a time. :)

Anonymous said...

We can't pin our hopes on politicians leading change, that's for sure. Individuals have to make choices and exercise their collective voices to realize the changes they desire. Not enough Americans seem to realize that each one of us has a responsibility to make choices. I think we tend instead to wait for our elected officials to suddenly grow backbones and make decisions based on the long-term common good.

xlilx said...

I found out this website a couple of weeks ago, since I really want to start riding my bike as a mean of transportation, not only a hobby... and i might sound shallow, but looking at this fashionistas riding their bike, has definately motivated me even more... it's all about saving the earth, and looking good while doing it!! I'm from Mexico, and well, we don't have the appropiate infraestructure at all, but someone has to start pushing the goverment right? keep doing what yo do!