21 December 2009

Dreamers on Bicycles

Max Pinckers is a Belgian photographer with a splendid series of portraits of cycling commuters called 'Transitions'. Thanks to our mates at CycleChic.be for the tip.

‘With the series Transitions, I explore this idea by making an attempt to ‘catch’ people as they are dissociated from the encompassing world, deeply entranced in their own thoughts and absorbed in whatever is going through their mind.

The people in these images are cycling on a long and straight daily commuter route. When we cycle we’re disconnected from the world around us, we dream and ponder whilst mechanically riding along a familiar, somewhat mundane path.

Submerged into an ‘absorptive mode,’ people’s expressions depict themselves in an honest way – unposed, unconcerned and unaware of either the photographer or the camera. The relation between the photographer and the subject has therefore been obscured, something which provokes us to ask ourselves if these really are portraits.’

Brilliant series. Beautiful.

Thanks to Stefan for the link.


Kenny said...

I'm often in a dream state when cykling. People will tell me, 'I waved at you in passing but you never returned my greeting.' Truth is I just didn't see them, they didn't register in my mind although I may have been looking straight at them.

Another André said...

I've come out of one of those states at times while on a training ride and wondered on what road I was or where I was on the road at that point. I've also had someone say that they waved and called out my name when I went by while cross-country skiing and that I ignored them. I simply did not notice them while in my own little world.

Kenny said...

It's an interesting topic that isn't restricted to cycling (but nice that it's there). I've driven over a busy junction then thought...did I check the light was green? or that there were no cars crossing before me etc.