11 December 2009

Red Winter Coats on Bicycles in Copenhagen

Red Alert
I found myself taking some photos of red winter coats recently. I figured I'd make a little theme out of them. There's something quite splendid about a red coat moving across the urban landscape on a bicycle. A slow, flirting rush of intense colour which, in the dull winter light, is remarkable to behold, day or night.
Red Alert
These first two photos show how elusive and dreamlike a red coat can be on a Friday night in the Copenhagen winter.
Duet Nuit
At the very least I figured this post would be a brilliant inspiration for whomever wins the Cycle Chic & Velorbis Climate Conference Gorgeousness Competition. A red coat will complement the red Velorbis Studine bicycle wonderfully.
Red Centre
Here's a red coat at rest at the red light. A graceful Copenhagener acting like a beacon of colour in the traffic.

Who can forget Lars' classic shot from not that long ago?

Red Moment Copenhagen Blue with Seasonal Red Red Yellow Old School Analogue Dreams - Red Blur
After deciding upon the theme I looked through my archives and was not a little surprised to find that I had a great number of photographs of timeless red coats on bicycles. A very great number. These four, above, are my personal favourites from the batch.

And below you can see splashes of red coats on bicycles against the black background of the blog.

Red and Yellow Red and White Red All Round Purple and Red Saturday Evening Red Red Line Red Pushbike Red Beacon Red Rain Red Dreamlike Malmö Couple Red At Red Lights Red Bag Red Coat Redtastic Glowing Red Royal Danish Post Baa Boo Baa Boo Two Copenhagners on a Blurry Sunny Day Rougetastique Warm Ears Red Speed* Rêve Rouge* Go go go. Red and Blue and Rain Red Riding Red Riding Patient Red. Red. Red Ready Steady go Redacious Bike Path Red Urban Rainbow Red Raincoat Mobile

You can, of course, save yourself some clicks by viewing the Cycle Chic "Red Winter Coats in Copenhagen on Bicycles" set as a slideshow right here.


gantxe said...

you can make a Santas calendar with that pictures.. or print the photos cut the woman and put in the Christmas tree...
Nice pictures !

StreetstyleNews said...

Fantastic post! Fantastic coats!

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jill said...

What a fabulous series! I've just posted ONE red coat shot this very minute on my blog - and only discovered this via the wonderful StreetstyleNews - because of the coincidence. So, if you don't mind, I"m going to add a line about your post, with a link. Spread the blog red coat loveliness around ; )

If you'd like to see my post, this is the link:

raydenzel1 said...

I saw this new design for a bike in treehugger, thought it might be something of interest to share with you.

raydenzel1 said...

ok, one more!

Urbanplannercyclisthousebuilderetc... said...

Again, Mikael, very impressive.

Nice to see you at the revealing of the Copenhagen Bikeshare Bicycle.

See you somewhere irl...

Anonymous said...

Just red, red and red...I love it

Alexandra said...

Absolutely fabulous! I'm soooo addicted to you, guys!!!

And, Mikael, I know it's not one of yours, but one of Lars', but this one can't miss from this gorgeous series, it's just TOO DAMN GOOD!!!


Kate said...

What a wonderful post;they're all beacons of colour!

Christa said...

Wow! Beautiful

I know what I'm getting for Christmas.

dvestv said...

nice shots. awesome pics. I like cycling but in our place it's too dangerous to do so.

Gratistotal said...

great shoot, so christmas time!

Dottie said...

Lovely. Every time I go to a store, I find myself looking for a bright red coat :)