31 December 2009

Parking Grace

Parking Elegance
The Art of Parking Bicycles With Grace and Style.

Bicycle Bell Advert
And while we're on the subject of grace and style, let us lament the fact that bicycle bells no longer look this fine.

Cover Artwork: Copenhagen Cycle Chic Calendar 2010
Fortunately, it's not too late to order the Cycle Chic Calendar for 2010 so that grace and style is on your wall for the next 365 days. Give or take.


Christa said...

Parking Grace - brilliant concept.

Beautiful bells! Why don't they make these anymore? Someone's going to see this now, and it'll probably be in stores in two years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great year of inspirational writing and images. I often don't achieve the grace and style I'd like on my bikes but I nonetheless always a success at following through on a choice to truly "step outside of the box".

rachel red lips said...

parking with style & grace is quite hard!