11 December 2009

Freja's Day Night

Friday Night Heels
The name for the kickoff day for the weekend in English originates with a Norse goddess, Freyja or Freja. Freja's Day became Friday.

Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility and was described as blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful. The fairest of all the goddesses, according to Norse mythology, people prayed to her for happiness in love.

It is unlikely that Freja wore killer heels and short skirts and illuminated the Nordic winter nights on a bicycle as she pedalled away to a party, but let's just imagine she did, shall we?


Mook said...
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Mook said...

Yes....In my mind's eye, Freja pedals her way to a winter night's party wearing killer heels and short skirts.

Get Info Here said...

haha. funny ladies. I can't believe they drive a bike with that high heels.

dves said...

seems that they run too fast. these ladies are too good in cycling, I think.

Anonymous said...

I wish girls here were good enough cyclists to ride in heels!

Colville-Andersen said...

cycling in heels has little to do with being a 'good' cyclist. All you need is feet in order to cycle heels.

kfg said...

A Solstice Prayer to Freyja The Copenhagen Cycling Girl

Hail to The Lady as swiftly she rides,
like a hawk through the night of fair Danish skies.
With cloak all a flutter, caressed by sea air,
as magic, like jewels, seems to flow from her hair.

Scarlet and black, silver and gold,
on through the city her chariot rolled.
A whir, a whoosh, an emphemeral scent,
then gone again; I know not where she went.

I mount my steel steed and out I do ride,
to chase after The Lady and ride by her side.
Onto streets all a rime that glitter and gleam,
I merge with the traffic and flow with the stream.

But here there are others in bull carts that scream,
that snort smoke and fire with eyes all a gleam.
Only those of stout heart and strong sinew can ride
among the black oxen and their Hel bound tide.

But among them I'll go, if that be my need,
to catch up with The Lady and match pace with her steed.
From her I'll take strength, I'll jump and I'll spin,
hoping my way I'll find through to win.

But if I should be by the black oxen gored,
I pray you should not think it ill of me Lord,
if I look to the sky, F├│lkvangr to see,
and with my last breath say, "Fair Lady - chose me."

And if it be my fortune she should see my fall
and carry me up to that wonderful hall,
I'll raise up my goblet and proclaim this call:
"Peace and good season, to The Lady; to all."

Otto Cilindri said...

I like the look of the bike the blonde is riding, it looks very graceful, and curvy.

Quite a contrast to the one in front, though they both do get you there.

Sarah Jane said...

@anonymous I am terrible at walking in heels, it's much easier to ride in them. You should try it.