9 October 2009

Paris Flow

Paris Cycle Chic - Paris Flow
Paris... she flows.


Anna said...

Apparently its not blind spots and lack of segregated bike lane that get women killed - its their lack of confidence!

Kim said...

Great picture Mikael!

Anna, sadly this tends to be true, in the UK most cycling is "vehicular cycling", in order to do this safely, cyclist have to make themselves "visible" to drivers, by cycling as part of the traffic. Cycling like this does require a certain amount of confidence. If the cyclist ride to one side out of the traffic stream, drivers tend not to see them. In an ideal world drivers would look for cyclist, sadly many lack the level of attention and skill to do this.

However, as the number of cyclist using the roads increases, drivers are slowly getting used to their being there and are starting to look for them. Also, drivers are more likely to be cyclist as well and see them as people like themselves, rather than some sort of sub group.