9 October 2009

Gesticulation in Paris

Paris Cycle Chic - Giving Directions
It may look like she is gesticulating in anger at the motorist, but the people in the car were asking directions and she didn't know. They were laughing as I passed by on Rue du Rivoli in Paris.


Heather W said...

I often get asked for directions while on my bicycle! Cyclists are accessible; we can easily carry on a conversation since we're not inside a soundproof steel box.

Grendel said...

Not only are we accessible but it is generally assumed we are locals. It's been a bit of a problem for me since my last move, I've had people asking how to get to the local mall and for directions to the strip bars. The first I didn't know how to get to at the time (only one month in town) and the second I still don't know because I've never been a patron.

Dottie said...

People ask me for directions a lot, too. I like it - any opportunity for positive interaction with drivers is always welcome.