3 September 2009

Watch Out

Watch Out for Angles
The sticker on the bike lane reads "Watch out for blind angles", reminding cyclists of the blind spots that large trucks have when turning. A nice, friendly reminder. No, they're not slippery. The City of Copenhagen takes good care of us.

The Copenhagener atop the sticker has a grass mat in her basket, leading us to believe that she is returning from the beach in the lovely late summer weather. She is practicing the Copenhagen Straddle from the Red Light Posture Series to perfection.


Night Elf said...

That sticker is a great idea. As I don't speak Danish (thank you for explaining, by the way) I would still ask the lovely cyclist on top of it what it means. :)

Bike Cycling Reviews said...

Nice Idea & simply explained. But indeed its a great sign for those truck drivers to be over cautious.

Kim said...

The stickers apparently work: Todays newspaper said there had been no recorded deaths of bicyclist run over by right-turning trucks for a full year now.