4 September 2009

Morning and Afternoon

Heading towards the city one morning. The weather has been nice so flip-flops are still a popular choice around the city. And don't worry, that cyclist is in her own lane.
Red Light Grace
I really wish I'd see more of this. In the Red Light Posture Series, I called this posture "Classic Grace". This was standard Red Light Posture for ladies back in the day. Elegant and graceful. You hop off your bicycle with the step-through frame and place one foot on the pedal, ready to go.


Jeremy said...

You're right - it's been nice enough for flip flops, but I also see wellies being worn. Only in Copenhagen can wellies look stylish

Dottie said...

Hmm - dismount, stand to the side of my bike, and put my left foot on the pedal. I think I would need to practice pushing down on the pedal and throwing my right leg through to hop back on. I've never seen this done before.

Colville-Andersen said...

first of all, there's no 'throwing' of legs... :-)
you press down on the pedal to get the bike started and then you just gently slide your right leg through the step-through frame and place your bottom up on the seat.

one slow, graceful movement.

William said...

Actually, (and this really irks me) a lot of people leave the left pedal down, and kick off, once, twice, sometimes three times before they sit up.
If you leave your left pedal up, you'll have to lift your left foot up higher, but you're able to stand on the pedal, gain velocity, and get enough time to sit up and place your right foot, all in one smooth, elegant movement.
This works for gents too, and looks soooo elegant.

Dottie: If you want to practice this technique, start out by standing on the left-side of your bike with your left foot on the pedal, and kick yourself forward. Practice balancing like this.
next step is to lift the pedal up before you stand on it. Practice starting the bike and keeping your balance while hanging on the 'side' of the bike.
Last step is to set your right foot on the right pedal.
Best of luck.

Also: don't rely too much on advice from strangers on the internet. See what works best for you.

townmouse said...

I wonder how that evolved, given that the 'Copenhagen straddle' seems so much more practical? Perhaps it was considered inelegant for ladies to straddle anything, back in the day? Or perhaps it was just one of those etiquette things - do it the hard way, to show you know what's what...

Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE this post and the dialogue back and forth in the comments. I'm going to try this "classic grace" move...

So interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the back and forth comment is nice to see.

Makes me wish I had a stepthrough bicycle so I could practice, here in the cycling capital of America, Portland, OR!

Thanks for the best cycling website in existence!

Unknown said...

I think my favourite thing about this posture is how relaxed it is, no rush, no fuss. I usually stay straddled while waiting on lights, with one or both feet on the ground but I love when I'm coming to a stop, as I slow I lift my right leg over and just leave foot on pedal and glide to a stop. Simple pleasures :)