20 August 2009

In Concerto

Pair of Copenhageners
A pair of Copenhageners move through the intersection on the King's New Square. Sharply dressed for business, the bicycle provides them with a quick and effortless way to get about town. To meetings as well as to and from work.
We're left wondering. Are they a couple or colleagues?
Two Copenhageners in Motion
The same applies to girlfriends cycling through the city. Are they heading for the beach or a café?

Marketing Magazine just chose their Top 10 Hottest Fashion Websites. We're smiling like a Cheshire cat today.


MELI. said...

chatting with a friend is always best!! I love riding and chatting with my peeps.
much love, you know from where

StreetstyleNews said...

Business cyclists vs. leisure cyclists ;-)
Nice contrast!


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Mikael! Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

love that first pic in particular. people here are obsessed with the idea of cycling clothes, will have to direct them to that pic!!

Anonymous said...

Mikael, your blog is the only one on that Top 10 list that doesn't sell clothes. What a coup. Good on ya.


Mook said...

Congratulations on making the Top 10 Hottest Fashion Websites! I love the site and check it the first thing every morning when I get to work. Keep up the good work.

Elodie said...

wow, I've never seen a website like yours beore, I think I should get a bicycle! I live in London but I'm lookin for ways to stay in shape. Great website :o) elodie

Slim Girl Diary

Erik Sandblom said...

Congratulations Mikael, Lars and Velomama! You're on to something, but you knew that.

Portland is a bike boom town and the local newspaper has an article about the latest fashion accessory among girls: walking a bicycle along the sidewalk. A whole article about this one subject:

The Oregonian: The bike as a fashion accessory

The local bike blog provides bike commentary about the bike commentary:

BikePortland: Oregonian guest opinion piece: Bikes are the newest “must-have fashion accessory”