21 August 2009

Basic skills

Multitasking #1

Operating your cell phone while zipping down the bike lanes seem to a basic skill around here. The girls/women in particular are masters of this refined bit of multitasking. The fact that these two shots were taken only 30 seconds apart, speaks something of how common this practice is.

Multitasking #2

Speaking of basic skills: For those who are just entering cycle chic-ness, we have the excellent Traffic Playground (Trafiklegepladsen). A scaled down street scenario, complete with traffic lights and road signs. The little ones love it, as you may sense from this shot of Olga. Three wheel chic chick :-)

Go girl!


Velouria said...

That's impressive and all, but I hear that in Amsterdam women blowdry their hair using the dynamo as a power supply. Your women have some serious catching up to do!

Sean said...

Recently, reporters at the New York Times did a detailed series of articles on driving while talking or texting on mobile devices. The series was astonishing and scary.

In scientific studies, taking and texting drivers had only a fraction of their normal driving ability due to the distraction of conversation - even though most of them believed they were still totally in control.

The series also highlighted a number of horrific accidents and reprehensible people who killed or maimed and still keep on talking and texting.

I realize cyclists are traveling at much lower speeds, and piloting less deadlier vehicles. Still, I'm wondering if accidents caused by talking/texting cyclists has ever been an issue in Copenhagen.

kfg said...

The young lady in the first photo is wearing, well, ya know, lycra cycle racing tights.

The young lady in the last photo clearly isn't, but might well be riding with SPD feet for all I know.

Other than that she's adorable.

William said...

@Sean, they're more an annoyance than a hazard. They go slow enough that no-one's hurt if they cycle into you, but they're completely distracted.
As you can see on the first picture, keeping to the right is optional, so overtaking them is also somewhat dangerous. You could argue that there are worse places to be stuck in traffic, than behind a beautiful woman, but I must admit, at times it is tiresome.

There's no comparison to a texting cardriver, though.

Anonymous said...

SPD feet? (in previous comment) Anyone know what that means? Care to share?


Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

I havn´t even found it to be an annoyance. People on bikes can be distracted for a million reasons. If I want to make sure there is room for me to ride by them, I just ring my bell. That is why we have bells.

@William: I am not sure what you mean about keeping to the right is optional. the girl in the first shot is clearly keeping to the right in her light blue bike lane as she is crossing the road (at green light). The girl in the third shot is not keeping to the right, but we will work on that in the future. ;-)

Stefan said...

If we try that in Belgium, the cops bust us. Just like it's not allowede to use your cell phone in your car, it's not allowed to use it on your bike. For the exact same reasons. No discrimination there, for once.

Colville-Andersen said...

SPD feet.
Slender, pedicured, dandy.

Mook said...

@anonymous /Melbourne, SPD is what Shimano calls their clipless pedals. I beleive it stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. Although I much prefer Mikael's explanation.

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous of Melbourne

SPD is Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (see here), but I think Mikael's version is better... ;-)

Erik Sandblom said...

Coaster brakes/foot brakes are great, you can brake without using your hands.

Very cute kiddie pictures. And the adults are cute too!

kfg said...

Oddly enough, I prefer Mikael's explanation as well.

cycle coaching UK said...

Cycling in Leather cant be good for chafing surely! :-)
Fashion rules over practicality!

Colville-Andersen said...

Anything you can walk in... you can cycle in.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

People are known to do stuff in leather you don´t even want to know about ;-) (sorry, could not resist.)