13 July 2009


Stairs Cut




Gratistotal said...

love the third

Kate said...

I've seen steps with an adjoining ramp wide enough for prams in the Soviet Union years ago but never in another country since then. Terrific idea!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog recently and I love it. I have a question though - why do so few in your pictures wear helmets? Is it safer there? Not a law to wear them? Just curious.

Kristin Tieche said...

Great shots, woman!

Anonymous said...

K & K, I guess they don't think they need one. Riding a bike is generally pretty safe, especially in Copenhagen.


Kim said...

As Mikael is on holiday, I would like to reply to Kelly and Kelly, cycle helmets are really unnecessary as cycle is no more dangerous than walking. If you would like to know more see
and Cycle Helmet Research Foundation for more information.

Matt BK said...

Kelly and Kelly, if you want to wear a helmet when you ride, go ahead! It depends on where you live and how experienced of a cyclist you are. For some reason, people who advocate against helmet use tend to look down on those of us who do--and what harm are we doing to them?

Colville-Andersen said...

i agree. do as you wish. but please... there are few people who advocate against helmet use - most helmet sceptics are leading bicycle advocates, working to increase cycling.

most helmet sceptics are against promotion and legislation of helmets since there is so little proof that helmets work - scientifically speaking.

personally, I prefer cycling without the higher risk of brain injury, neck injury and the increase chance of being in an accident - all these things are the case if you wear a helmet.

Matt BK said...

If cyclehelmets.org were couched in terms of trying to increase the number of cyclists on the road (and hence increase driver awareness and safety), I would take them more seriously.

As the site now stands, however, it looks (at first glance) like it is devoted to convincing people not to wear helmets for the sake of getting people not to wear helmets, when in fact they are trying to convince lawmakers to not institute mandatory helmet laws without doing full research.

I agree that many people who are commuting (especially where cycling is the norm) do not need to wear a helmet. As a competitive cyclist, however, I am going to wear my helmet whenever I deem it necessary.