8 July 2009

I ♥ Brygge Bridge


Mama Velo

Adidas Action

I go pass this bridge - Bryggebroen - everyday and it is without question my favourite spot for spotting bicycles and their owners. The clash between shimmering water, fancy glass facades and rough concrete is a perfect backdrop to cycling copenhageners of all ages, shapes and styles. Me like!

Given the number of photos I've taken there, I find it funny to compare them. Look for instance how different the top photo is to this one, previously posted here at CCC:

Urban Chic

Not only the graffiti has changed, the mood is completely different. Or what do you think? /Velomama


Virginie B said...

je découvre ce blog, car je viens de lancer un concours "juillet à vélo" en l'honneur du tour de France...et du coup on m'a parlé d'ici ! bravo pour le style !

Urbanplannercyclisthousebuilderetc... said...

I go by everyday as well, and it is a very nice route, because of the urban feel to it. And you start at this crappy staircase and pass the mall and then through new buildings, ending up with the open space of the harbour and the skinny "Bryggebridge"