25 July 2009

Bridge People

Queen Louise's Bridge in the summer evening light.
White Dress



leftbanker said...

This cool blog needs to be seen by more Spanish people. Bicycles don't have the chic aspect here, not yet anyway. I live in Valencia and it is a great place to bike: lots of bike paths, great beaches to visit, and it's flat as a Spanish tortilla.

The local government needs to convince citizens to leave their cars in the garage and ride. Seeing a lot of beautiful women on bikes, as you see in Copenhagen, would go a long way to change attitudes.

-An Expat American Bike Fanatic

luceeey said...

these are wonderful photos, i wish here in surrey, england, cycling was more about just getting from A-B and looking good while doing so instead of lots and lots of lycra. Thanks for having such a great blog! :)

André said...

Looks like you´re having awesome weather!

And here we have sunny days the most part of the year and we prefer cars -.-

But i´ll make a difference in my town! I´m ready to buy a new bike and ride to school/work. It´s a drop in the ocean but...yeah