10 June 2009

White Not Wrong

White On, Girl
Contrary to what uninformed people mumble in the Emerging Bicycle Cultures as they try to make sense of the unexpected [but inevitable] increase in regular people on bicycles, cycling isn't dirty or messy. Wearing an all-white ensemble proves this fact quite splendidly.

I love the white flowers she has placed on her basket.

Exquisite Copenhagen style.


Katie said...

It looks like the London Underground workers' strike is imposing CycleChic consequences in London:


BiketoWork Barb said...

The chain guard makes a big difference in clothing selection!


Anonymous said...

I never wear white, but I wear khakis a lot, and even a simple ring guard means I never have to worry about a grease tattoo on my pants.

Of course around here, as the racers don't use them, most people wont have them on - and then blame bikes for grease marks.

People are funny critters.

Kelvin said...

A modest suggestion, based on the above comment:
Chainguards are informal or business attire (or above).
Ring guards are business casual attire.
No guards are street clothes, at best, if not sportswear.

Not only does it work on a practical level in terms of chain-pants interaction, it also screams the type of classy fashion sense that cycle chic is all about.

Shawna said...

Everyone bikes in Davis... If only you saw some of the silly sights! Girls in cocktail dresses and stilettos, barefoot hippies, the two+ people bicycles...

Shawna's Study Abroad

Unknown said...

I can barely walk around my office without getting a stain on me let alone ride a bicycle in white. I applaud her!

2whls3spds said...


I am with you...I can't go anywhere in light colours. LOL

Outstanding and very stylish.