10 June 2009

Things To Do In Copenhagen On Your Bicycle

Fingernail Check
Check your fingernails.
Boy Girl
Take your girl for a ride.
Discussing Cafes
Chat at the red light.
Big Box
Carry stuff.

Sorry if you thought it would be more exciting than this. :-)


Steve and Michelle said...

ha, ha... I just love this blog! :) London is chaos this morning with a tube strike and a zillion people who don't normally cycle, cycling.... for once lycra doesn't rule.

Gratistotal said...

you forget the most important one:
kissing with your boyfriend!

bronsont said...

I would so love it if Florida were that way!

Lovely Bicycle! said...

In truth, I was hoping to see something a bit more hard-core -- say, a woman in a formal ballgown and stilettos, bathing her cat in the front basket while applying make-up and talking on her mobile.

Come on, where are your photo-journalistic skills? : )

Kiwehtin said...

Lovely Bicycle!:
YOU have the Comment of the Day!

Colville-Andersen said...

haha! actually the cat in the basket is one of the few shots I need in my collection.
Ball Gown and heels? Check. At the very least.

LMT said...

hello, love love love this blog. So glad to have found it. These are the kinds of posts I like the best.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

> Mikael said...
> Ball Gown and heels? Check.
> At the very least.

Very nice indeed!

My favourite bike photo of all time is the late Sheldon Brown's wedding photo.

Anonymous said...

Cats are not dogs who will put up with the indignities of being hauled around in a purse or a basket. They insist on being treated as equals and demand a seat on the tandem.

The pilot's seat; some animals are just more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Why can't every place be a cycling city?