3 June 2009

Tokyo Four

Tokyo Four
A slice of Tokyo street con biciclette.
Tokyo Funk
Tokyo Funk.
Tokyo Rush
Tokyo Mass Transit. Japan is just as saturated with bicycles as Denmark and Holland.
Sannin Nori
Tokyo supermum with her kids on a classic mamachari bicycle. Those kids ride in style and comfort.


lavinka said...

We are greeting slant-eyed bicycles ;) and we are also inviting to examine the cyclist in this many retro (postcard from Tukee);)

Jen said...

Great Pics. Love the website.

Neil said...

Aghhh! I go on holiday and the RSS feed turns into summary only with no pictures. Can't we have the full feed back please?

Adrienne Johnson said...

Carrying my 40 lb son on the back is work. I can't imagine another 20 lbs on the front!