17 June 2009

The Danish Minister of Cycle Chic

Connie Hedegaard
Don't you wish all politicians looked like this? Dressed in casual, everyday clothes, complete with heels, for a 13 km bicycle ride through Copenhagen last Sunday.

This is our Minister of Climate and Energy, Connie Hedegaard. The hardest working politician in Denmark this year. Travelling around the world to generate support for the upcoming COP15 Copenhagen Climate Conference where we NEED signatures from world leaders to commit to climate change challenges. It didn't go so well in Kyoto in 1997 at first, with many main countries not signing the protocol.

In December 2009, the next major climate conference will take place here in Copenhagen and this time, commitment is much needed, thank you very much.

Oh, and a major dash of Cycle Chic wouldn't hurt, either.

Read more about the bike ride over at Copenhagenize.com.


Anonymous said...


On this side of the pond (Canada) our politicians dress in head-to-toe spandex when promoting cycling, which IMO sends the wrong message to the masses.

Kudos to Minister Hedegaard for doing her part to normalize the bicycle!

Kelvin said...

I found some pretty hilarious pictures of Jack Layton on a bike. Then again, it's generally pretty hard for a picture of Jack to be anything but hilarious.

He may not be spandexed up, but he's still not doing any favours for cycle chic.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

"Kudos to Minister Hedegaard for doing her part to normalize the bicycle!"

Well, actually as we see it here, she is not trying to normalize anything, she is just being normal :-)

Paul Tay said...

I hope SCOTUS hopeful and cyclist Sotomayor never EVER rolls in spandex. That would be probable cause for outraging judicial INDECENCY.