12 April 2009

Hat's Off To Copenhageners

My mate Arne. One of the coolest individuals you could ever hope to meet. We just worked together on a tv series for kids and he has a film premiere coming up. Him and 11 friends rode scooters to Poland and filmed it. Vilde Hjerter [Wild Hearts].
Cool Harbour Couple
A decidedly, deliciously funkycool couple sitting on the harbour enjoying the sunshine with beer and cigarettes. Trés Copenhague.


Stefanv said...

That first shot is absolutely amazing. Some glossy magazine needs to use this in an editorial. And Fast.

Anonymous said...

On dirait une couverture du Vogue ! Sublimissime !!!

Matthew said...

What kind of bike does Arne have in that photo? I want to know so I can get one for myself!