25 April 2009

Four From Japan

Stephen in Tokyo does it again. Cracking Cycle Chic shots from the frightfully fashionable streets of Tokyo. Smashingly dapper chapper on a silver bike with Dolce & Gabbana 'cycling shoes'. Enjoying a cigarette in the big city.

Funny, Stephen doesn't really fancy zebra crossings, but he included this shot to 'feed my fetish', as he put it. I fancy them rather muchly. So muchly that I published a photo book featuring street photography of zebra crossings from ten countries and even more cities. Zebra Crossings - Stripey Streetness is available from Lulu.com right here.

And then there's three shots of Tokyo bag ladies. Looking splendid with their bags on three very different bicycles.


Anonymous said...

please please somebody, at least stop that last one in purple an raise her saddle just at little.


Colville-Andersen said...

if only so we can admire the musculature in her legs.