24 April 2009

Flea Market Cycle Chic

Svajerløb 2009: Flea Market Cycle Chic
While a cargo bike race raged in the background, many people were content to potter about the flea market on the square. Nothing quite as relaxing as pottering about a flea market.
Svajerløb 2009: Passerby
Getting to the flea market involves, quelle surpris alors, a bicycle.
Svajerløb 2009: Dog Basket
And you're always welcome to bring your dog along in your basket.

Flea Market Transport3
In another spot of cargo bikeness, The Guardian has an article about that very Danish icon, the Christiania Bike. You'll often see them here on Cycle Chic. The Copenhagen version of the SUV and the choice of supermums across the city.


Anonymous said...

You missed this awesome guy :)


Unknown said...

Mikael! Elizabeth can not send you the answer to your inbox (copenhagencyclechic@gmail.com). Do you have any other mailbox?

Colville-Andersen said...

try copenhagenize [a] gmail dot com