9 April 2009

Curbing and Accelerating

Cargo Curb
The simple thrill of hopping a curb on a cargo bike.
The simple joy of accelerating on a bicycle.


RH said...

we have put a teaser on our blog to all copenhagen cycle mums


mozambican cycle mums

Kiwehtin said...

That perambulator in the second picture really caught my eye. I can't recall having seen something like that here in Canada since the 1960s, when I was just old enough no longer to need to be carried around in one. Nowadays all I see here are the little foldable baby buggies (like rolling hammock seats) or gigantic SUV-like contraptions.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks mozambique!

the pram you see is standard issue. that one looks like an emmaljunga, swedish brand.
every family has one. at a café near here one sunday - a big brunch day - i counted 34 of these prams parked outside. At an average of $800 per pram, that's a lot of baby comfort. :-)