8 April 2009

The Best City to Be a Cyclist In

Here's a little break in the constant flow of Copenhagen Cycle Chic images. It turns out that Treehugger.com, an environmental website, has selected their Best of Green for 2009. They have chosen a long line of green intiatives, websites and products that they like for their Greenishness.

In the Best of Green - Cars and Transportation category they chose Copenhagen as the best city in which to be a cyclist.

We knew that already but we're thrilled that our fair city tops the list. And the fact that Copenhagen Cycle Chic gets a mention thrills us just that little bit more.

After you've perused Treehugger's picks you can cast your readers' votes starting on this page.

And yes, we're fishing for YOUR extremely high vote, dear reader, and we thank you in advance for your love.


spiderleggreen said...

Congrat's! Keep raising the bar.

Kiwehtin said...

You know, I think that was in fact the second time in a few days they used some of your work: the red cyclist in mesh stockings appeared there a couple of days earlier too.