29 March 2009

Sunday Music Video - Mike Edel

Mike Edel "Turn the Lights on Bright" from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo.
Beautiful music video for a song by Mike Edel. Cycle Chic approves thoroughly. Shot in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks to Lynn for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

Thought you'd find this funny

Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting video considering that British Columbia has had a mandatory helmet law since 1996.

Colville-Andersen said...

and thank goodness some people still think it right to choose for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Another example of your subconscious democracy and desire theory.

Unfortunately the official message in Canada ie all the literature put out by the cycling department in Toronto, always shows cyclists wearing a helmet. Even though the law states that use of a helmet is not mandatory for those over 18, the message has been subconsciously spread that everyone should wear one. I recently stopped wearing one and the negative attitudes I am encountering is reminiscient of when I first started cycling as a means of transportation 15 years ago. I was considered crazy then for riding a bicycle. Now that riding a bicycle is more socially acceptable, I am considered a lunatic for riding a bicycle without a helmet. I even had to endure a lecture from my doctor at my most recent annual physical, because one of the questions she asks is whether one wears a helmet while cycling (she also asks about seat belt use in cars, among other things). Anyways, there tremendous peer/social pressure on individuals, from both other cyclists and drivers, to wear a helmet. I find it very hard not to get into a defensive mode about it. If any of your other readers have tips on how to have the discussion while still keeping one's zen, I'd appreciate it.