29 March 2009

Just Another Day in the City

Morning ride. Clutching her collar against the cold.

Left and Right
Look left. Look right.

Finger on the Pulse
Finger on the pulse. Waiting for the red light to change.


Gratistotal said...

love the second! they look like a one person, one style

bronsont said...

Great pic's, headed out on a ride now myself :)

Anonymous said...

You have a great website, love the pics, inspirational.
Would you happen to have any pictures of Black Danes in Copenhagen looking chic on their bikes? I think that I've only seen one or two and it makes me think that there's no people of color living in Copenhagen. Which I know is false. I lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for four years and the immigrant population there is exciting. Just a question.

Thank you!
This Time Now

Colville-Andersen said...

i do have many photos of immigrants of all kinds on bicycles. here's one of a fashionable african dane