2 March 2009

Simplicity Deluxe

That magic moment when the human powered machine achieves momentum and the feet instinctively seek out the pedals.
Simplicity Redux
Simple elegance in the morning hours.

Addendum: Be sure to check out the latest post on bicycle helmets on Copenhagenize.com]


Anonymous said...

Continue to make us dreaming with theses beautiful pictures of bicking in Copenhague. Bicking in snow look so much poetic in Danemark than Canada.


ABBY said...

yay. thanks for that link. the second pic sure is dreamy.

Anonymous said...

I love the boots, so Secret Agent 99. Being a very petite woman, I can't seem to find a pair that does come up to my knee cap. But a girl can dream.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, but Isnt it a bit weak, when so many nice ladies on their bikes are photographed from behind? Be a square shooter and picture them the way they notice they are photographed. :-) I will try too ;-)
Best regards
Viktor / Prague

Anonymous said...

I like very much ! un petit bonjour du sud de la France