1 March 2009

Rooster & Chick

Lars has his Queen Louise's Bridge where he fancies to shoot pix of cyclists. I have my Brygge Brigde that always seems to offer eye candy on two or more wheels...

What is it that makes bikes on bridges so fascinating??


Red Rooster

Classy Chick

Jazzy January


anna said...

I think what makes bridges so fascinating is the air around them - there are no houses, just water and sky. There is a certain feeling of freedom because one can see much further. And it's nice to feel the wind when cycling over a bridge. And most bridges have an elegant design that can be seen from afar. Bridges are very important for the connection of different parts of a town and the people that live and work there.. But I'm not sure whether that explains their attraction. I'm also very much into bridges, but can't really tell why ;-).

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Everything looks better on a bridge :-)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful shots. I miss living by a large body of water. I used to enjoy running over the 2nd Street bridge that runs over the Ohio River in Louisville. I loved thinking about how that river has always been there and how much has changed around it. Humbling in some way.