12 March 2009

Cycle Chic et l'Amour

We blogged about this over at Copenhagenize.com as a part of our Promoting Cycling Positively series. It's an official campaign from the city of Geneva to encourage people to cycle more, as well as walk and take the bus and the tram. It's a brilliant campaign and fits in rather well here at Cycle Chic.

There's two posters, a teaser and a payoff. The text on the left reads: "There is always a moment where you have to take the first step."

On the right it says: "By bicycle. On foot. By bus. By tram. A new step in [for] life"

It's wonderful because it shows cycling as a normal, stylish transport option and it doesn't focus on fearmongering. And there's even a lovely little video advert to go with it!


my hyggelig said...

That was so good I watched it twice. Thanks.

sac cycle chic said...

Love it!! Great advertisement. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Two attractive people that almost anyone would want to identify with. A good way to motivate those still in their cars to take that first step. In the US, I see too many advocacy groups focus on the "green" argument, which is very meaningful to me but often comes across to the mainstream audience as a "holier-than-thou" lecture. That audience regulates the message as one coming from dreamers, intellectual elites, and of course, socialists! I much prefer the approach of recognizing our audience for where they are now and luring them in with those ideas that are universally important to us all.

M'dame Jo said...

I can't believe that I didn't know about this campaign before you did leaving 60 km away from Geneva! Thanks!

M'dame Jo said...

*living 60 km away from Geneva (sorry, not fully awake yet)

Anonymous said...

J'adore ! Ça donne envie de tomber amoureux en vélo.

I love it ! We want to fall in love in bike after all.

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

Love the video! It is adorable!

cras4 said...

haha, thats so cute

Anonymous said...

So true ! I live in Geneva and had this lovely surprise the other day too. Do know that no matter how hard we try, we only have 3% of our population on silent wheels. So spread the word, Ride a bike and keep smiling !

Anonymous said...

I showed this to my wife. It made her smile, too. We'll try to do our part en velo, this summer, riding through Geneva en route to a month riding in the Alps.

How do I find info on the bike ways in Geneva? We got aimed right two years ago by a nice person saw we looking puzzled and pointed out the direction to a path.

Mike & Anne from Alaska

Anonymous said...

Boy did I mess up my typing. I meant:

"... by a nice person who saw us looking puzzled ... ."

Mike (& Anne) in Alaska
Can't blame her for my typing

Colville-Andersen said...

sounds lovely mike.
try this link for maps.
just check that URL into google translate if you're in doubt

Anonymous said...

Merci, Mikael. I'll see if we can get one of the maps listed there.

Juneau Alaska

Anonymous said...

Merci, Mikael. I'll see if I can get one of the maps listed there sent to us.

Juneau Alaska