10 March 2009

Copenhagen Cornering

Copenhagen Corner
Chic cycling in Copenhagen is often a dreamy affair. The whole poetic act of well-dressed Copenhageners riding contentedly about on the most efficient and elegant machine ever created is enough to trigger sighs and smiles.

On occasion, this dreaminess morphs into scenes that transport the rider and the viewer to other dimensions. Previously uncharted poetic universes. Perhaps this corner in the city is a secret portal to extra-gorgeousness and über-loveliness.

In the photo above, the winter cyclist enters the portal in a blaze of silhouette and convienently located backlight.
Copenhagen Cornering
Upon rounding the corner her atoms realign smartly and fall into place with crystal clarity, while her surroundings are now reduced to hazy undefined particles. She exists, solitary and brilliant, in this new dimension. And what a lovely fur hat.

Disclaimer: Access to portals leading to such uncharted gorgeous dimensions can only be achieved in normal clothes and on normal bicycles. Lycra, spandex, plastic clippy-onny shoes and suchlike pandemonium are repelled at the portals, for reasons unbeknownst to science. Other theories on the subject suggest that the unnatural center of gravity on bicycles that force you to lean over cause friction with the power that generates the portals, not unlike opposing magnets.


Unknown said...

Wow. Top photo is an instant CoCyChiclassic.

Anonymous said...

I think that people on road/racer bicycles (yes, with drop bars!) look nice, though lycra and mountain bikes (aka a 'normal bike' in Ireland) never really do.

Do many people ride road bikes in Copenhagen wearing normal clothes, or do you selectively document only those curvy black step-through frames?

Good blogs anyway.

Colville-Andersen said...

The vast majority of the 500,000 daily cyclists in Copenhagen wear normal clothes, regardless of what bicycle they ride. These proper bikes are in the majority, followed by what we call city bikes. Sure, there are racy bikes, but they barely register on the bike-o-meter.

Otto Cilindri said...

Looks like she is making a run up to hyperspace / warp drive or whatever.

Unknown said...

Absolutely love these shots - standard class of amazing quality photos on CPH Cycle chic!

Just out of interest...how is this photo taken? Is it slow shutter speed and then following the bike with the camera?
However its done - its effing awesome!

Colville-Andersen said...

the shot is taken with my Canon 40D on auto but with a steady panning hand.

Kristin Tieche said...

Photos, yes, are wonderful. But I especially appreciate your poetic words this time. Thank you!