20 February 2009

Winter Vinter Hiver

Winter Rainbow
Copenhagen awoke to another fresh layer of snow yesterday and it continued snowing throughout the day. Sub-zero temperature and a nasty wind.

As mentioned, 400,000 Copenhageners continue to ride throughout the winter but I could see that the busstops were busy that morning so there must have been a drop in the number of cyclists. Let's say 300,000 cyclists took their bike. The rush hour levels of bicycle traffic didn't seem thinned out on my route.

Wintry weather like this makes for creative fashion solutions. Style over Speed indeed.
Copenhagen Morning
The warmest and loveliest hat in town. And, by the looks of it, the basket is toasty warm, too, with that personalised fur fringe.

Copenhagenize.com - Winter Cycling from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.
Here's a little film featuring Copenhageners just getting on with it in a wintry Copenhagen. No whining, little goofy 'gear', just people in regular clothes on normal bikes.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is the point of having Swedish music accompanying a clip from Denmark?


Jeff said...

Great site -- nice pix and video. Just curious...everyone seems so young! Do older residents ride bikes, too, or is it really the young who cycle around Copenhagen?

Anonymous said...


I think it is the lyrics. My swedish ain't great but I believe the chorus translate into "If I can do it slowly". So maybe it's statement about using your bike for transportation, eventhough it might be slower than the car, it has so many other great things to offer you.

Besides I don't see your point. What is wrong with having swedish music? What about the movies? Can you only have American composers score American films? Ennio Morricone has made some beautyfull filmscores for french, german and american movies.

If the mood of the music fits the mood of the film, why does the nationality of the composer or the band matter?


Thanx for sharing!!! I'm an avid biker myself and I check your great blog on a daily basis now.

Keep up the great work. It brings joy and happiness to a lot of people.


Wilma Flanagan said...

Indeed her hat and basket look toasty, but as a knitter, my eyes are drawn to the warm mittens on her hands. Did she create them herself, I wonder... They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED that video! My god. To see that many cyclists out and about on their lovely upright bikes is a dream of mine! To feel like part of a supported community...I would not be able to stop smiling. It seems like such a total fantasy, though. Cycling to work in Chicago (and not being a speedy, racing messenger type) is a lonely endeavor, particularly right now in the winter.

Lovely, lovely video. Aw, kid on training wheels!

Colville-Andersen said...

music is universal. it crosses borders. period.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Cool film Mikael!

But I gotta tell ya: It´s the last time ever I am gonna watch a film with the music being of another nationality. *danish sarcasm*

allez1961 said...

What about rain pants? Could I wear some nice rain pants as long as I use them with my fashionable wool coat? I hate wet pants.