2 February 2009

Two Copenhageners, One Spot

Pause for Thought
Same spot, two Copenhageners in the freezing sub-zero weather.
Holder Skandsen


Jack Daniel said...

ai, such stylish bikes!

patsywojt said...

Pretty and chic! I have a rather strange question. I have noticed that you mark bike lanes with blue color. Perhaps you know what kind of material is used for that and how long it lasts on the streets?

Colville-Andersen said...

the blue bike lanes of Copenhagen are painted with a thermo-plastic mixed with, i believe, sand for traction.

it comes out of the truck hot when it's applied and it quickly solidifies on the asphalt.

there is no difference between the blue lanes or regular asphalt regarding riding on them. you can't tell the difference under your wheels.

patsywojt said...

Thanks, I shall show it to the officers responsible for bikelanes in Lodz!

plainshorts said...

hahaha actually, they look like the same bike XD.. so stylish *sigh*