1 February 2009

Icy Sunday Cycling

Copenhagen Chilling
Sunday afternoon traffic in Copenhagen. The cyclists are bundled up warm against the bitter cold. The snow showers weren't really an issue but the wind was dreadful.
Temperature: -5 C. Windspeed: 12 m/sec. Windchill: -23 C.

Nevertheless, there are still 400,000 cyclists in the city through the winter in Copenhagen. Many of them fashionable. Many of them funky. Many who are neither. But whoever they are, they are indeed urban poets on two wheels - without even knowing it. Poetry in motion.
City Hall Sunday
A Copenhagen couple heading somewhere on this Sunday afternoon. Chatting happily the whole way.


lavinka said...

Recently, I have a desire for red gloves :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

When it is cold and you gotta get there, you mine as well have a good time doing it or else it would just be hell.

Sean said...

Don't the roads ice up?
A few weeks ago I crashed on an ice patch. Seattle is hilly, so that makes ice more dangerous.

Colville-Andersen said...

the bike lanes are well-taken of with snowploughs and salt. with 500,000 daily cyclists, you have to clear and salt the bike lanes.

regarding ice and hills, the situation is the same. denmark's second city, Aarhus, as well as dozens and dozens of other European cities with a similar topography to Seattle's, take the same precautions with their bike lanes.

Anonymous said...

Now I remember why I am in California

Colville-Andersen said...

lavinka... red gloves are cool but it takes coolness to wear them! they're not for everyone. i'm sure you'll make them work, though!