26 February 2009

More Copensun

While on that sunny subject I just felt like throwing this one in as well. (Uh-oh, I have started to make those weird Copen- words too).
There are many cars in that shot, but I think one gets a good sense of who has the sweetest ride here.


Unknown said...

So, no more 'Snowpenhagen'? :o)

Anonymous said...

You know, I really like your blog. But what I hate is the promotion of fur hats, fur clothing or anything else that is related to slaughtering animals in the means of "fashion".
I don't understand how people with such a great attitude towards our environment (and you are promoting this attitude with this beautiful bike-blog!) can just shut their eyes and ignore everything when it comes to animal rights.
Why is that so? Do you really don't care about these animals the people are killing, slaughtering and then wearing? I would really like a statement on that.


Scott said...

Do you think it is wrong to kill animals to eat too?

Anonymous said...

Yes. And I don't do that either.


Colville-Andersen said...

I'm not concerned really, to be honest. If you are, that's your 'thing'. It's what you do.

I've never understood this anti-fur hatred so prevalent in America. It's such a tiny niche market that it seems odd to me that people actually get so wound up about it.

People who would be shocked and disgusted if they visited an average livestock farm in the Western world and saw what they get up to with their animals.

Animals that are consumed by most people. Products available on every supermarket shelf, not a little niche market like furs.

I often wonder what could be done about important issues like that if these people A. realised that the issue is massive and B. focused on it - an issue that is far-reaching and relevant for the wider population.

I also often wonder why these people don't seem too concerned about civilians dying in wars in which their countries participate.

Think of what real good could be done if they placed their energy in important issues instead of bullying people they don't know.

It's all a little to religious right-wing for my taste.

Anonymous said...

"It's all a little to religious right-wing for my taste."

Funny, I always thought it was the other way around, that rabid fur-haters would most likely be non-religious left-wing activists (I don't think a Dick Cheney or his sidekick George Jr would mind some good ol' babyseal-fur, on the other end you have these animal-rights fundamentalists who pride themselves of 'liberating' mink into their 'natural habitat' and I'm pretty sure you'll find the latter ones fishing the same political waters as say Jagtvej 69-supporters. And no, I am not against rights for animals (or the spirit of Jagtvej 69 for that matter), that's beside the point here.

But maybe I got your argument wrong, and you were merely addressing the tone of the debate and not its people, and that this reminded you of rightwing bigotry somehow? (Although the same naturally could be applied to the other side or any side, well...)

Well, either way I quite concur with your viewpoint on finding a better battle, move on suckers!

thanks for some truly beautiful pictures of chic people (with or without fur). Those snow-panning pics are awesome.


Adrienne Johnson said...

In the grand scheme of things, it is good that people care about something. Fur is an easy thing to take a stand against as there as absolutely nothing that you have to do to follow your convictions. How hard is it to never buy a fur hat? There are so many options for warm hats, that the decision is not difficult.

Every time someone decides to do something that is not harmful to another life this is a good thing. So I applaud Anna for sticking to her convictions. I also applaud the fur wearing cyclist for making a transportation choice that may make it possible for animals to continue having a habitat on this earth.

No one can do everything 'right'. we can each only do our best. So there is no point in pointing out what we perceive as 'wrong' in others. We should put our energy into doing what we each think is right with open eyes and hearts.

Yep. It's official. I am wearing psychic Birekenstocks and eating spiritual granola now! Can I still play here? :)

psyco about the bicycle said...

I miss the helmet/no helmet discussions! I love the fur hats and only occasionally eat granola!

psyco about the bicycle said...

While I'm at it, which one of you asked the nice lady if that was actually a fur hat and not faux? One shouldn't rush to judgement.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best pictures I've seen here, and that's saying a lot. So chic, I can barely stand it and then that bike! (Even though I'm not down with wearing fur.)

Anonymous said...

She's also wearing leather boots. How can you promote slaughtering animals to make fashion?

Funny how these animal right types always are offended by fur but accept leather goods.

Anonymous said...

Who says they accept leather goods?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that she will do some serious damage to her knees if she doesn't get that saddle up soon.

Colville-Andersen said...

i'm sure her knees will survive at the rate she cycles casually. many people lower their saddles in copenhagen because it's easier to put a foot down at stop lights.

Colville-Andersen said...

indeed... where are the outraged Leather Objectors? Considering the widespread use of leather and the shocking treatment of cows in many farms, you'd think there would be more of them.

Again... priorities gone amiss.

SilverBaronRider said...

Fur or not, Its a sexy lady on a bike!
Thanks !