27 February 2009


Snowstorm Dapper
Saturday nights are Saturday nights. Time to hit the town in style. Bad weather just doesn't change that fact that it's a Saturday night. So on with the groovy shoes, the smart suit and the handsome coat and off you go.
Snowstorm Short Skirt
And on with the cool hat, the short skirt and the wicked boots. And off you go. It's Saturday night, after all.


Ky said...

YES! Lets hear it for Saturday Night.

Ulysses Dutra said...

Haha! Fantastic your blog and these wonderful pics.

greetings from Brazil and hooray for the saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

A bit behind on reading the blog -

Do I see bare legs on the girl in the second shot? Wow always amazed. How common is that?

Colville-Andersen said...

hey man.
bare legs in the winter you mean, or generally?
99% in the summer, rarer in the winter, but hey, it's Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by the bare legs in winter as it seems mighty cold in that shot. Love it.