9 January 2009

Wraparound Copenhagen

Red Bicycle Fragments
As Lars pointed out the other day, fur hats are hot - and warm - this chilly winter in Copenhagen. Another practical fashion feature that returns year after year is the scarf. Copenhageners have a unique relationship to the scarf. We like them big, long and wrapped 100 times around our necks.
Serious Fur Scarf
An alternative spotted this week is this brilliantly oversized fur scarfy thing. She pedalled calmly along with her head buried inside. No doubt about the fact that she was warm.

She and the rest of the cyclists and traffic were stopped as these soldiers rode past Christiansborg Castle.
Pink Bicycle
Another wonderfully warm scarf in the afternoon light. Black and simple.

Fur Hat
Oh, what the hell... here's some more fur hat shots, too... :-) Just for you, Lynn.
Supermum Shoulder Check


chococat78 said...

I am truly digging these scarfs :)

Anonymous said...

Luv your blog... On the scarves: without hats, you lose a lot of body heat out through the top of your head.

The downside of hats (for the vain amongst us) is "helmet hair"--no one escapes!

Sorry to see the pox of graffiti is upon your lovely burg also.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks. there was, however, an article from the British Medical Journal before christmas about certain myths regarding the body and health.

one of them mentioned that you don't lose any more heat through your head than through other parts of the body.

Anonymous said...

I love these fox scarves! She looks so warm!