28 January 2009

Splashes of Red

If you're going to do red, you may as well do it right.

Morning Blur
Early morning reds.

Red. Light.
Red highlight on the urban landscape.


Anonymous said...

Love this website! So inspiring.

I just started an art project for walk+bike advocacy - ShoesOnMyBike (http://shoesonmybike.com/). Anyone can submit photos of shoes on their (favorite) bike. ;)

Please submit a photo!


Anonymous said...

Love the quilted red vest!

RJ said...

Ooh! Love the red with the green bicycle.

..it's tempting to collect bicycles like some collect shoes.. because then you could color-coordinate your clothes with your bicycle every day!

Silly, maybe. But fun to think about anyway. :)

l3utterfish said...

Lovely the one with the traffic lights!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks everyone!

William said...

Love the green bike.

I know that isn't the "f" word on that trash can .. barring why it's torn off. Sorry. :)

And Nordic blondes..thats all it takes.

Colville-Andersen said...

yes, that is 'fuck' on the trash can. we don't have censorship here, so you'll see and hear fuck alot. it's a great word, originally an old norse word for erection or copulation.

that is actually an advert for a condom store - you can see it here - and featured all over the city. This is Fucking Johnny.

Harry Tournemille said...

Great pics on this blog. We're envious of cities (and countries for that matter) that promote bike culture. Well done.

MELI. said...

red and green are the hardest color combo for the eye to register and I certainly looooove the vibes in that first image ♥!!