20 January 2009

Boyz n da Hood - CPH Style

Dapper Copenhagner negotiating the afternoon crowds on City Hall Square.
Man with his drycleaning in foreground as cyclists head home in the background.
Attaché 8Ball
At left: Copenhagen superdad. Briefcase and child's seat on the back. Off to the kindergarten, perhaps? At right: Cool cat on his cruiser.


Anonymous said...

Yay! More men please!
I think I used to work with the guy on the bottom left. If I'm not mistaken, he answers to the for this blog rather funny name Carsten.

Anonymous said...

Nah, more women please. Looks warm

William said...

I like the last bike. I was gonna get a Triobike...they looked nice and fit my style.

Ridonkulus said...

never ceases to amaze me the stuff people carry on their bikes. i wouldn't be able to hold dry cleaning and pedal at the same time. one time i saw a man come down the street with a child's dresser strapped to the back of his bike on a homemade carrier. ingenious!