10 December 2008

A Streak of Green a Flash of Red

Green Streak
A thoroughly well thought out ensemble on this Copenhagener.
The temperature hovered around freezing, but that's no reason not to cycle around in a short skirt and stockings. Ah, the hardy Viking blood flows strong and true.

I get sent heaps of photos and thanks for that. I thought I'd attempt a spot of self-irony and humour. Nobody is saying I was successful.


Anonymous said...

As always thanks for the daily inspiration. Great blog!

Love the new blog banner! That is one of your best (thus far of course).

So if I send you pictures, are the odds getting higher that you wont publish one?

-man in SF

Colville-Andersen said...


nah... the odds are the same as ever! good.

Anonymous said...

I am!