17 December 2008

Night And Day

Hmm, sometimes your life can feel like it is looping. In this example though, there are some elegant variations, not to completely give away the fact that we are in the Matrix ;-)


Colville-Andersen said...

I like how the basket transforms into organic material in the night zone and reverts to cold steel during the day.

Unknown said...

Those Copenhagen gals are masters of disguise :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Is lady #2 talking to her manicure?

w.v. 'ststlemu'-

Today being the appointed day of St. Stlemu, all will make sure to light candles on their bicycles to commemorate the day St. Stlemu was able to keep his front bicycle candle lit despite horrid Northern winds.

Anonymous said...

If you were in the Matrix the bus would be green and blue, not red. or wait, maybe I have that backwards.