17 December 2008

Dogme1 Contest Entries

It's time to post the entries in our Dogme1 Photo Contest. We've recieved six entries from three countries, posted below. Here's what the contest is all about. It's good fun. We here at Cycle Chic, and Erik whose brilliant mind developed the Dogme1 concept, will vote on the winner and get back to you in a couple of days. The winner will recieve a Cycle Chic poster See what it looks like here.

I hereby present the six challengers:

Entry Number One

Contestant: Jeff
Country: USA
What: My little friend could not reach the pedals from the seat of this hot pink chopper. Wearing a hat vs. a helmet while trying to negotiate a lumber pile with a rabid dog in tow.
Location: Levis Trow mounds, Wisconsin
Weather: 65 deg. F. winds WSW 5 mph
Participants: Botsiebee, Disco, 150 belligerent volunteers from throughout the upper Midwest.
Cause: Gnomefest V ( www.gnome-fest.net )

Entry Number Two

Contestant: Karl
Country: UK [Photo taken in Osijek, Croatia]
I claim entry for the following criteria:

-The bicycle has a handlebar-basket mounted. CHECK
-The lady wears high boots - NOT VISIBLE, BUT SHE WAS!
-The lady is wearing a huge scarf REALLY HUGE. AND STRIPY TOO.
-The lady is concerned about other things than traffic. ME - HER EYES SAY, "WTF?"
-The lady has some sort of large messy bag hanging from her shoulder or on the bicycle. TWO
-The lady looks miffed / mentally absent/ CHECK.
-The lady isn't wearing a helmet. CHECK
-The photo is shot from close distance and from the front. CHECK
-Flash is used. CHECK
Sorry about the poor focus - damp conditions may have misted my lens. ;-)

Entry Number Three

Contestant: Jill Keto from Practical Chic.
Country: USA
This is for your consideration for the Dogme 1 photo competition. Included: miffed expression, in Seattle Washington (USA), heels, skirt, iPhone, flowers, basket, front view, not concentrating on traffic, stunt puppy in basket. Thank you!!
-- Jill Keto

Entry Number Four

Contestants: Michal & Witek from Lodz Cycle Chic.
Country: Poland.

Entry Number Five

Contestant: Úna [Adrienne's daughter]
Country: USA
She wants my bike, my purse and my glasses!

'She' is my 9 year old daughter Úna Isobel. This picture was taken outside my home just before I left for an engagement. Úna wanted to go, too.

Taken from front.
Big glasses
cell phone
looks bored
basket (on back)
huge purse
bike too big

Entry Number Six

Contestant: Adrienne
Country: USA
Picture of me taken on the Coastal Trail in Half Moon Bay, CA. My daughter shot the photo after I set it up. Picture has been altered for colour.

Taken from (almost) front.
Huge glasses.
Basket (on back of bike)
Big Purse (in basket)


Unknown said...

Vote for Lodz of course!
Best cycling city of Eastern Europe!
I want this calendar so badly!

ixtlilto said...

Just great! My favourite is: 3, 4 and 5. But becouse I have bad experience with ridind and talking on the phone, so: 4 ;)

Anonymous said...

#3 is very stylish and the flowers in the basket are a nice touch. This one gets my vote.

ixtlilto, what's your problem? They've stopped to talk on their phones. If only most car drivers would be as sensible.

Diz Rivera said...

How fun!
I vote for #2.

Anonymous said...

No. 2 gets my vote of course . . . but I guess voting for my own photo won't count ;-)

In that case, I'd like to vote for No. 5, simply for the improbably over-sized bike featured. Stunning!

Adrienne Johnson said...

While I am very partial to number 5, and the subject is very dear to me, the second shot is pretty funny. That woman looks like she wants to smack the photographer with that big blue bag!

Just want to say 'thank you' to Mikael for doing this. It was fun to try to see my everyday world a little differently!

w.v. 'defial'

I will not defial this moment with my silly word verifications!

Anonymous said...

4 is the coolest.
/melbourne oz

Anonymous said...

Number 3 looks staged, apologies if i'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

# 4

Witek Kopeć said...

No. 3, 4, and 5 are the best, but only 4 looks authentically, like real cyclist, so I vote: no. 4!

Unknown said...

I vote: no. 4! Only becouse its looks authentically.