22 December 2008

Long Bridge Snow Fall

Long Bridge Snow Fall
It's been a while since we had snow. The sun even shined today. I guess the chances of white Danish christmas are minimal. Actually, a little snow from time to time doesn't hurt. Sometimes it even enhances the joy of arriving and getting inside...

So time to get nostalgic about snow. Here are some pics that date about a month back.

It was wet and it was cold. It was snow on Langebro.
Long Bridge Snow Fall


bluecolnago said...

nice blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I like these angles. I get a good feel for tire-road contact here.

what is the most common copenhagen tire size?

Colville-Andersen said...

tyre size? There are 500,000 daily cyclists in Copenhagen and i'll bet that 499,000 of them won't be able to tell you their tyre size or how much their bike weighs or what kind of gear system they may or may not have.

I don't know what tyre size i have. i just ride my bike. :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess most non-cargo bikes posted on this blog have 37x559 or 37x622 tyres (or sizes close to that). The tyres on Mikael´s balloon bike are 60x559. So much for the tech geeks.;o)

Anonymous said...

That remind me that my first experience with snow was when I was riding a bike.