2 December 2008

The Copenhagen Straddle

The Copenhagen Straddle
The Copenhagen Straddle performed to perfection. Complete with Barbie boots, a lovely Swedish Crescent bicycle and a sparkly hat. Winter don't get dis girl down.
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Anonymous said...

Winter don't get dis girl down . . . but a stepladder might help! Is it just a trick of perspective, or larger wheels than I'm used to seeing, or just the colour making it seem so, or is that bike just huge?

Adrienne Johnson said...

It does look big. I think it is a little bit of everything that adds to it.

word verification (I had to do it)- 'cycle'

I cycle, therefor I am.

DeepBlueSea said...

Maybe it's a tad high, but also her jacket means we can't see where her ass is.
I'll stop there!

Anonymous said...

Small girl, large wheels. Rim diameter of 622mm (700c) or even 635mm (like on some Dutch bikes).
Lovely bike, anyway.