6 November 2008

Voting in Style in Minneapolis

Velorbis Victoria in Minneapolis
What a way to ride to the voting booth. Thanks to Todd in Minneapolis for sending us the link to the blog run by his and his wife [pictured] - RedBlackBrown.com. Heading down to vote in Saint Paul, Minnesota on a lovely fall day on a brand new Velorbis Victoria.


Tony Bullard said...

I biked to the polls. It was nice cause in stead of standing in line I could lean my bike and sit on the top tube.

Kelly said...

my husband and i biked to the polls in saint paul minnesota too!


st. paul bike love!

Anonymous said...

awesome, day for it wasn't it!? Go 'cycle' vote!

chococat78 said...

Awesome shot!

Anonymous said...

Yep! The poll workers know me. They always tell me to ride safe on the way out.

In Indiana there are no lines. I usually park my bike by the people handing out pamphlets and make small talk. No real need to lock up.