6 November 2008


Autumnal rain on the bike lanes. A stylish Copenhagen Supermum and her boy in the rainy afternoon rush hour.

Stocking Crossing
Another supermum, 'sans enfant' crossed my path.

Rainbow Rainy Day
'Chic' is, and always will be, a relative term. Nevertheless, a splash of colour on a rainy isn't a bad thing.

Red rain poncho, heavy load on the Short John.


Unknown said...

yeah, rain is the one time style gets compromised methinks!! Cycling for an hour in the rain without appropriate gear is just unpleasant!

Dave Feucht said...

We had a really similar day in Portland today: fog and clouds and *wet* - not raining very hard, but everything was wet. A lot of Portlanders wear brightly-colored rain gear all Autumn/Winter, as you never know when it's going to start dumping:


Most of the time my wool coat or corduroy blazer with a scarf are enough, but I keep a poncho in my pannier bags just in case :)

Anonymous said...

Same here in NY, a day when there has seldom been anything you can really call rain, but everything is wet and staying that way.

What the Irish refer to as a "soft" day.

As for compromising style, it is, of course, in the eye of the beholder; and I think Little Red Riding Hood is lovely.

Of course I also can't think why civilized men ever gave up tunics and cloaks for barbarian shirts and pants, so YMMV.

I make my own cloaks out of waterproofed cotton, wool and Polarfleece(tm), but I'll also sport a Driza-Bone oilskin riding coat and leggings.

All normal street clothes for me, not bike gear (although that does make me one of the local "eccentrics," as does riding a bike as an alternative by choice to driving a car).