27 November 2008

To Københavnere

Wifealiciousness Snow
Wifealiciousnsess and I met up in the city centre the other day for a bit of shopping. Our boy needed a new, stylish winter jacket and I was itching for some shoes and trousers. It started to snow when we were heading home, accompanied by a cold, nasty wind from Norway. Such is life in Copenhagen. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. Or just shrug and ride on through it in your 'cycling clothes'.
Moi et Elle
A little red light moment by Vesterport train station. That would be my rain/snow hat you're seeing there. Wifealiciousness is sporting a woolen hat and scarf she whipped up herself. Not an unsusual thing for a designer and stylist to do.

The title of the blog post is Danish for 'Two Copenhageners'. The word Københavner is frightfully difficult to pronounce but sounds much like 'Koobenhowna'. And that wraps up today's Danish lesson. :-)


Nicole said...

Your family of (present and future) cyclists is beautiful. Thanks for cheering up my day :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice full frontal batch, Mikael ;) Did I inspire you this time? *grin*

Colville-Andersen said...

you wish. :-) there are leaders and there are copiers. the roles remain the same. :-)

Anonymous said...

cheeky bastard :)

AMR said...

Such different worlds we live in...
The coats.
The hats.
The scarf.
The shopping basket.
It is all so stylish!
Yet... cold.

DeepBlueSea said...

Just a sec AMRcyclist -
They're wearing all that stuff BECAUSE it's cold. So THEY stay warm. Or how did you mean?

DeepBlueSea said...

PS Gorgeous couple! Tray sheik!

AMR said...
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AMR said...

No questions about that but when is cold around here (also questionable) we wear:
Base layer.
Arm warmer.
Knee warmer.
Over shoes.
Binie under the helmet.
Also stylish...

AMR said...

Oops... I meant DBS!

DeepBlueSea said...

ARMcyclist (just kidding!)

Are you talking about sports/exercise riding, or just riding to go see a friend?
by the way, where is the 'here' you talk about?



AMR said...

Yes, different worlds aren't they.
We still love riding bikes, don't we?

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

"Yes, different worlds aren't they."

Indeed! I just read about tips for commuting on an american bicycle promoting website. It was really a good laugh for a dane: Apart from all the daily security checks on your bike, you also definitely needed facilities at work to take a shower.
I can´t imagine anybody reading through that kind of "bike promotion" would feel like getting on the bike, haha. But maybe that´s just me.