17 November 2008

Splashes of Red, Splashes and Anarchy Chic

Red Hat
I haven't forgotten the Cycle Chic Hat challenge laid down by some readers. Until I collect the appropriate shots for the series, here's a couple hatastic Copenhageners.
Old school charm and grace.
While visiting the new Royal Theatre Skuespilhuset on the harbour, I saw this person just riding around in slow, happy circles on the old quay. Riding through puddles. That's it. Nothing more to it than that. How lovely.

Anarchy Chic
Here's a spot of Anarchy Cycle Chic. If you're going to protest the World Bank summit in 2000, what better way to get around than on a normal bicycle. That chainguard is handy for stopping water cannons from getting your chain wet. That back rack is convenient for carrying molotov cocktails or a friend or a friend carrying molotov cocktails. And the dynamo light will help you through the tear gas/smoke from burned cars. And lord knows you'd look stupid if you were wearing lycra in this situation. Normal clothes are fine. From an advert for Lee Jeans' Make History photo contest.


Lynn said...

Thank you! That red hat is gorgeous (and the boots, too). Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

The older lady does have the requisite handbag dangling from her arm, though I doubt very much she'd let it be "messy".

Lovely colour contrasts. I think it is very important to wear some red against the grey November skies.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Molotov cocktails are not chic. Way too aggressive for Slow Bicycling. How about throwing Slow Bicycle Movement manifestos, instead?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the "chic" was the radical-chic of reappropriating them for publicity. Certainly not throwing things that could hurt people and damage historic buildings.

I know several people who've taken part in the countersummits and have done so myself in Québec (Summit of the Americas - 2001) and never saw any molotov cocktails launched. In Québec I saw people launching teddy bears with a catapult! Protesting the fact that people didn't have access to the heat of their own city. Now that was chic indeed.

Sarah said...

Hi Cycle Chic! I thought you might be interested in seeing some chic Parisian and Milanese cyclists posted on The Sartorialist blog, today: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2008/11/gentlelady-gentleman-biker-paris-milan.html

venlig hilsen,
Sarah :)

asdfg said...

How about photographs of gloves?

lisa @ luxe said...

love the girl in the red hat photo...
kisses from las vegas

Colville-Andersen said...

aah, kisses from las vegas... boy do i have a story that could have that title...

lagatta... when are you coming to Copenhagen?

gloves... good idea.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen - will definitely try to get there for longer - I've only been in your fair city once for a very short time, interpreting for a Social Forum event, in mid-December - not the best moment to see such a northerly city, I'm afraid!

Oh, we get colder than you do, and more snow (though it varies a lot now) but you are very far north of us, so it was always dark.

I have friends in Copenhagen, and also a Copenhagen friend who works in Amsterdam, though he is one of those young men who is always so busy that it is hard to pin him down about the differences in cycling culture in the two cities - probably the first thing I asked him, given the fame of the two places among the urban cyclist set.

I'd much rather visit you when there is more light, as I fantasize about being able to cycle in daylight late in the evening or at 4 am...

As for gloves, de rigueur here now - it was a bit below 0c when I headed out today, but a lot of people are still cycling, as there is no snow. Just have to be careful of icy patches.