1 November 2008

Saturday Certainly

The violinist #2
Pure brilliance from my mate Lars, who is one of the top film composers in the land when not photographing on his way to work.

One of our esteemed readers sent us this link to a book titled Romancing The Dead. I know nothing about the book - I just like the Cycle Chic on the cover. Fits well into the It's Not Just Us category.

We're pleased to have been translated, in part, into Czech! My mate Hynek is offering up the Five Senses Series for Czech readers. Nice one. Thanks, Hynek!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photograph of a lovely young lady. I often transport my own violin in a similar manner (I am rather less chic and considerably less lovely).

However my typical "commute" is 49k each way through what remains of rural farm country around here (many of the centuries old orchards have been "developed" lately) and the violin case can get a bit heavy on the shoulders (5kg) after awhile.

I am, ironically, considering getting a small wheel folder for this "touring" application because a seatpost mounted transverse pannier rack looks just the thing for strapping a violin case to. Let the steel bear the weight.

And a twin mounted to the stem looks a lovely place to hang my wicker basket. Flowers only when in season.

Anonymous said...

Tell your mate Lars that he takes a brilliant photo. But then again, he probably already knows that!

Anonymous said...

Great photograph! Simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The most brilliant shot of a girl with a bike I have ever seen!!!