21 November 2008


Copenhagen winter wear. Below zero with the wind chill, snow on the way this weekend, but goodness me, don't let that stop the cyclistas.

How to wait to cross a zebra crossing in Copenhagen.


my hyggelig said...

I needed that below zero comment and the inspiration that went with it - thank you!

Gratistotal said...


Anonymous said...

I just fell in love at first site with the Electra!
Went on an interview in town and decided to head to a new bike shop, OH MY GOODNESS! It's so me, and because my friend's car is now on the blink and I need to get around town, the Electra may be the ticket!
I can see it already! Hot in Winter!

Felicia, This Time in Seoul

Anonymous said...

Personally I think these women might do with some bloomers, but I'm not of a mind to complain that they seem to do fine without.

Old racer trick, wearing pantyhose under your long tights. Doubles the warmth without adding bulk and reduces chafing (layered fabrics rub against each other instead of against you).

Lauren (Lo) said...

I just wanted to say I LOVE this blog. The photos, the people, the style just makes me happy. I spent time in Amsterdam this summer and fell in love with the culture and appreciate the bike culture so much!

I give you many shout-outs on my blog (lstitle.blogspot.com) and to my friends!

Thank you and the beautiful people of your city for being so inspirational!


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks so much!